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 What We Do

Your building's exterior is under attack.

Age, moisture, sun exposure, and other elements all take a toll.


Use Diamond Outdoor Solutions' pressure washing services to clean and radically restore the appearance of your roof, siding, concrete and decks. The results are undeniable and estimates are free.


Give us a call today at 765-499-3129 to:

  • Wash your roof

  • Clean your siding

  • Restore your decks, drives, walkways, and fences


Diamond Outdoor Solutions' pressure washing service separates itself from its competitors in a number of ways, if you are interested in learning more on how we do it, click here!




I highly recommend Diamond Outdoor Solutions!
Our home looked horrible! It was light gray with white trim. We have a pond in front of our house and a woods behind. The algae growth on the siding was black/green and had become an eyesore. 
It took only 3 hours to clean the exterior of the entire house and a free-standing garage! Prices are very reasonable as well.

—  Sandy R

Algae is the enemy.

If your roof or siding is covered in algae, it's the combination of moisture and shade that often causes it. While that is not always preventable, cleaning it off will help prevent damage to the surfaces.​


Sometimes it gets bad enough that you might think your only option is to replace it. Don't do it until you let us take a look!


Roofs and siding can be safely cleaned without the need for replacement and without the damage often caused by high-pressure washers.

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